Learning piano at a young age led me on a journey of musical discovery and into the realm of electronic music.  Taking influence from acts like Jean Michele Jarre, The Cocteau Twins, Robert Miles, Moby, Enigma, Chicane and even Scooter, I became obsessed with making music and shaping my own sounds.  Tracks like 'Children' by Robert Miles and 'Offshore' by Chicane were monumentally influential in my direction in life and eagerness to write music. 

Back then computers were not what they are today and making music meant stringing a whole collection of synths, samplers, sound modules, effects units and mixing desks together.  And this equipment was very expensive.  With each piece of equipment costing thousands of pounds it was going to take time to build the setup I needed in order to create my sound. 

After spending almost 2 years on a Computer & Electronics college diploma, finding it to be mostly a waste of time, I stumbled into the field of Architecture where I worked for many years drawing building plans and 3D graphics in order to fund the assembly of my first music studio and to pay for my secret life as a music producer. With a quiet, reserved persona working in the office by day, then switching to music producer mode to work in the studio until 2, 3, sometimes 5am almost every night, as well as working part time for a record label to gain experience in the industry, it was easy to understand why I earned a reputation at the office for falling asleep at my desk, in the print room or on the toilet, much to my colleagues' amusement.  Music was my passion, my life-long dream and what I most enjoyed devoting my time to.  Sleep, and everything else, was secondary. 

Teaming up with local radio DJs to bring a series of commercial dance tracks to the airwaves, I had my first taste of public exposure and recognition in the early 2000s and this led to a brief experience of gigs at local venues and regular radio airplay.  I quickly progressed out of the constraints of commercial dance and moved on to find my true sound in the world of Chillout, Breakbeat and modern orchestral music.

After being given my break in 2004 by world renowned DJ and producer Matt Darey (one of the early pioneers of the dance music scene) I produced a handful of Chillout remixes for Matt's label ‘Darey Products’ and soon found myself being sought out by other dance and trance artists to add a unique chilled touch to their tracks too. With a laid back, euphoric style and a passion for subtle and soothing melodies, I enjoyed bringing a new dimension to any track I had the opportunity to work on.  As well as remixing for some key players in dance music, I also found a love for music with a softer, more 'movie soundtrack' feel to it. Focusing on strong and moving melodies but also loving to get my hands on proper songs, I worked on projects with some talented vocalists from the UK and Europe.

Always striving to improve my techniques and refine my sound, I built a new, more professional studio in 2009 and it was there that I produced my first full length solo album 'Eucalyptus Tree'.  It was also there that my radio show 'Into The Light' was first conceived and grew to reach over 60,000 weekly listeners through online and FM radio stations in Europe and South America. 

In 2017 I released my second solo album "The Light Between Our Shadows".

Now in 2018 I'm working on a new Orchestral EP while in the background pushing myself to experiment with genres I'm less familiar producing, like deep melodic house and trance.