The Light Between Our Shadows - Track Backstories

'The Light Between Our Shadows' is my newest album; an eclectic collection of chill-trance, break-beat, orchestral and vocal works recorded over the last four years.  Below you will find some backstory on some of the more significant tracks on the album.  As well as high quality mp3, this time I'm making the studio master files available for those who prefer the highest possible lossless quality and would like to listen to the album the way it was created. 

You can buy both versions HERE 

Walking into the sun

This began life as a simple piano melody in December 2012 and was tidied away in my 'music ideas' folder for a few years.  When I found it again during the last 6 months of writing the album, I instantly knew this would become the intro.  I wanted the listener's initial experience of the album to start off softly and build into something big and bright and exciting.  Before I had done the drums and percussion, I went out walking through the forest with the track playing in my headphones one early crisp winter morning.  As the sun was shining through the trees into my eyes, I started to measure, in my head, the speed at which I was walking.  I counted 110 steps per minute.  This is my default relaxed walking speed, apparently.  I pulled out my audio recorder and recorded my footsteps in the crunchy snow.  When I got back to the studio after my walk I set the track tempo to 110 bpm and sampled in my footsteps, panning them left and right to create the sound of walking.  As the track builds, some louder drum beats come in and the pads and strings get brighter and louder, as if the listener were getting closer to the bright light of the sun.  So if you ever listen to this while out for a walk on a sunny, crisp winter day, pay attention to your footsteps, sync them with the music and see if you feel the same excitement and happiness I did when I wrote this track.

More track backstories coming soon.